The fight against immigrants intensifies

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March 22, 2013 by Nash Riggins

Today, David Cameron will announce a new series of proposals that will seek to take benefits away from foreigners in Britain. According to Mr Cameron, migrants should now lose state benefits after six months, unless they “have a genuine chance of finding work.” Pair this with last week’s suggestion by Cameron’s little-loved partner-in-crime to charge foreigners £1,000 just for the privilege of entering the country, and it’s fair to say that a proverbial arms race against immigration is truly under way.

Both Clegg and Cameron were left appearing ‘weak’ earlier this month after Labour leader Ed Miliband pledged that, if his party regains power in 2015, he will ensure that all immigrants take English-proficiency tests, as well as ensure that Britain’s “pull-factor” for immigrants be reduced in order to keep foreigners from coming here in the first place. Overlooking the fact that Miliband is himself the son of Polish immigrants, why any serious political party would actually want to make their country look worse on the world stage is completely beyond me. But after being made to look like a bunch of ‘immigration-lovers’, David Cameron and his Conservative party are hitting back hard.

Under the Tories’ new immigration policy, families of immigrants will now be kept off waiting lists for council housing for up to five years, and will not be allowed 100% access to medical treatment by the NHS. What’s more, immigrants who are claiming any sort of job seekers allowance will have said benefit revoked after 6 months – because if the Tories can’t keep immigrants out, they can sure as hell starve them out!

That being said, both Cameron and Miliband were topped by Nick Clegg’s shock-entrance into the immigration fray last week. Indeed, as hard as it is to believe, the Deputy PM may have pulled his party’s biggest U-turn yet by pitching a proposal that would force foreigners who come from certain ‘high-risk’ countries to pay a security deposit before being allowed to enter Britain. These deposits will cost temporary migrants thousands of pounds, and will not be returned until the ‘high-risk visitors’ in question are buckled in and on the plane home – and although the move is allegedly aimed at deterring immigrants in the UK from overstaying their visas, it’s fair to say that the core of this discriminatory new policy is actually geared at halting immigration from certain parts of the world entirely. It’s hard to believe this is coming from the same guy who, this time last year, was arguing that illegal immigrants in Britain should be granted amnesty – but hey, easy come, easy go.

Although the UK Border Agency (UKBA) has yet to draw up a list of the nations that will be branded as ‘high-risk’ areas – which, for all intents and purposes, can be defined as ‘places Nick Clegg believes to be hives full of crooks’ – officials have already suggested that it will include Pakistan, the majority of countries around the Indian sub-continent and parts of the Middle East. If you’re wondering where all of the countries full of white people are, you’ll be shocked to know that not a single one made the preliminary list.

Unfortunately, this is hardly the first time the Coalition has expressed its disdain for visitors from non-white, developing countries. Last year, Westminster even went so far as to create faster lines at the airport for Americans, Canadians and Australians, because the poor minority migrants were keeping ‘high-priority visitors’ from spending their money quick enough. Now, not only will those from nations such as Pakistan be forced to wait in line 3 hours longer than Australians just because of the colour of their passport, but they’ll have to pay a minimum of £1,000 just for the pleasure of waiting in that line. Real nice.

Yet according to Mr Clegg, this new policy is more than fair, and will become a “powerful new tool” in protecting Britain from illegal immigration by targeting potential fraudsters before they even set foot on a plane, train or automobile.

“The challenge isn’t just stopping people coming into Britain illegally,” Clegg said. “It’s about dealing with individuals who come over legitimately but then become illegal once they’re already here.”

Mr Clegg cites such overstays being instigated by those visiting the UK to celebrate a birth in the family, a relative’s graduation or a wedding.

“I want a system that is welcomed by legitimate visitors. Rather than place a great burden upon them, done right this would speed up the application process, giving the UKBA greater confidence about people’s intentions, allowing them to make better, faster decisions.”

Faster, indeed. Now, the UKBA will be able to decide with confidence that two hard-working parents based in the Middle East who spent their life savings in order to send their child to a British university will be unable to see that child graduate. Why? Because Nick Clegg thinks they might like their 6-day trip to London a little too much. But thank God that couple doesn’t have £2,000 to spare on top of the cost of flights, so they’ll never be able to compromise the integrity of Britain’s workforce! Are you kidding?

Unfortunately, Nick Clegg can’t afford to kid anyone right now. After all, the Lib Dems are on the breaking point of losing what little dignity they have left; therefore, they really aren’t in a position to against the political bandwagon anymore.

According to Mr Clegg, his new security deposits for visitors from developing countries won’t “unfairly discriminate against particular groups.” It’s hard to say what planet Clegg is living on, but charging everyone from the Middle East £1,000 to enter the country – whilst charging Australians and Americans nothing – definitely qualifies as discrimination. Any ordinary political party in the developed world would consider making such a proposal political suicide; but for a party in an ever-increasing xenophobic Britain, this is how you win back voters.

So there you have it: the flavour of the month in Westminster is apparently to take part in a fight to see who hates foreigners the most. ‘Immigration is destroying our lovely country and they’re sucking us dry’, all three parties are shouting from the rooftops. Nevermind that the last big wave of immigrats in 2004 led to Britain’s GDP growing by £98 billion, or that only 6.4% of legitimate benefits claimants are foreign-born. Meanwhile, 16.6% of white UK nationals currently claim multiple benefits – and one can’t help but wonder how may of them have been claiming a job seekers allowance for over 6 months. But times are tough, and if politicians don’t point the finger at somebody, they risk looking incompetant (what a shock that would be). Yet it truly is a shame that Britain’s leaders don’t have the balls nor the humility to give credit where credit is actually due. Instead, the race to abolish immigration is on – and it’s safe to say that the unknown financial outcome may not be nearly as pleasant as it currently sounds to British voters.


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