Owning a gun puts families in danger


January 25, 2013 by Nash Riggins

Nehemiah Griego is the shining example of why gun control in the US is absolutely vital.

On Sunday morning, the 15-year-old preacher’s son snuck into his mother’s bedroom, where the family kept their guns. He then proceeded to shoot his mother in the head, along with his 9-year-old brother asleep in the bed. Afterwards, he went next door and shot his weeping younger sisters, ages 5 and 2, in the face – before waiting for his father to return home from his job as a prison chaplain and killing him with an AR-15 rifle.

Why did this clearly troubled youth commit the unthinkable? According to police, the teen’s rationale for the killings was that he’d been “frustrated” with his mother as of late – and, although subsequent reports are highlighting the fact that he enjoyed playing violent video games as if it’s some massive revelation, it is completely nonsensical to blame pop culture.

After all, how can Call of Duty be the pegged as the cause for over 30,000 gun-related deaths per year in America? Violent video games are just as, if not more, popular in the UK – yet the entire nation sees less than 40 gun-related deaths per year. At the end of the day, logic dictates that fewer people will be shot if there are fewer guns on the market.

Unfortunately, many in America fail to draw this connection. In fact, the day after 21 children were gunned down in Newtown, Connecticut was reportedly one of the best days gun retailers had seen all year. What’s more, in the past month alone, the all-powerful National Rifle Association has welcomed 250,000 new members to its ranks – why?

Parents across the country have flocked to Wal-Mart’s gun counters under the false presumption that, now more than ever, having a gun in your home somehow ensures that you are protected from harm; however, this presumption is naïve at best. Harsh as may seem, the Griego family’s tragic demise on Sunday can ultimately be sourced back to their own gun cabinet. The same can be said for the mother of Adam Lanza, who was killed by her own gun before her son proceeded to murder over two dozen innocent children and school teachers in December.

Such cautionary tales prove that, if anything, it’s safer for a household not to own a gun. There are more firearms in the United States than there are legal adults, and the majority of them are perfectly legal. Nehemiah Griego’s father taught the boy how to shoot responsibly – and in the eyes of the state, there was absolutely nothing wrong with the Griego family owning their own small stockpile of weapons for protection and recreational use. Yet no parent can predict the ways in which teen angst may materialise where guns are readily available – and if the son of a preacher is capable of such evil, what makes the teen next door any different?

Even if the NRA wants to blame punk rock, Grand Theft Auto and Barack Obama’s children for the almost 1,000 gun-related deaths that have occurred since the Sandy Hook massacre, no one can logically deny that a vast majority of those same killings wouldn’t have otherwise occurred if the troubled teens in question had no viable access to firearms.


17 thoughts on “Owning a gun puts families in danger

  1. Bryan Pratt says:

    In regards to the 14 year old that killed his family would it really matter or change the outcome at all if he was using a knife? I think not. What you and every other ban gun nut job dont get is the gun is the only inanimate object that gets ridiculed. It isnt the guns that kill it is the person behind it just like it isnt the car that kills its the person driving. Im so sick of the media and anti gun people screaming to ban guns. Not once have I heard lets ban cars they kill many more than guns. Oh wait I know why no one says that because you own atleast one and thats your right. Well its my right to own firearms and you can bet your ass I will protect my family if needed. All that gun laws do is take away guns from legal gun owners not the criminals. With the banning of guns the criminals will have a defensless society to rape and pileage with no worries except the police who are miles away on another call.

    • Jim says:

      Are you saying that you don’t think less children would get murdered if the parents of out-of-control teens didn’t have gun cabinets? And for that matter, I’m not sure if you’re aware, but it’s a heck of a lot easier to attack an assailant whose armed with a knife rather than a gun. Nevermind the fact that you’re chances are a lot better surviving a knife wound than a bullet to the head. I take those odds any day. Nobody’s blaming an inatimate object for shooting people – but if the inatimate object isn’t there, how would people get shot??????

    • David A Deal says:

      If you believe that a knife is as deadly as a gun then why do you need a gun???

    • Rob says:

      Using your flawed logic,

      Would you give a drivers license to someone who is viewed as mentally unstable by the state? No

      But you would give a firearm to someone who is viewed as mentally unstable by the state? Yes

      and Why? Because of morons like you who dont understand the real world

    • Kim says:

      Bryan, I think the outcome would be drastically changed if the teen had been using a knife instead of a gun. It’s foolish to think otherwise. The same day the shooting at Newton happened there was a mass stabbing China at school and none of the students in China are dead.
      Also, no one is talking about banning all guns. And as far as banning cars go there are far more regulations put in place on vehicles than there are on guns, you have to be licensed to drive by passing a test and usually taking some form of driver’s education over multiple weeks, the license has to be renewed every few years, it can revoked if you aren’t driving properly, if you speed or in otherwise misuse your vehicle you get ticketed, you must register your car and pay insurance on it, if you sell your car you have to redo the title on the car so that the DMV knows who is the new legal owner of the car.

      None of the proposed laws will take guns away from legal gun owners, running a background check is not tantamount to eliminating your second amendment rights, prohibiting high capacity magazines doesn’t prevent anyone from protecting their family.

      • Mary says:

        Excellent job of stating major points…I concur with your rationale which is clear and covers some of the more obvious “reasons” given by gun toters. I think your car comparison is perfect. We have to hold firm this time…no one is going to strip reasonable guns from reasonable people. We need to address mental disease and violence because that is central to gun violence. I just can’t imagine that the 2nd amendment is so misunderstood and so much of a vehicle to use so irresponsibly. Let’s stay strong on making the gun issue at the top of our list to diminish a gun’s control on our citizenry. Thanks.

      • John says:

        Sorry but there are many examples from China alone where knife-wielding attackers killed schoolchildren. Or 6 police officers in Shanghai in 2008.

        In the one incident you mention no children died. There are also shootings in America where no one is killed.

        Contrasting the most horrible outcome in the US with a fortunate exception in China does not prove your point. I would assume that the Chinese children were horribly affected by the incident, even if they were not killed.

        And people are talking about banning all guns in citizens’ hands. Dianne Feinstein herself has said she would do it if she could (never mind that she has or does possess a gun herself). Has she disavowed that sentiment? NY is on the verge of registration and confiscation of many firearms that are legal elsewhere in the US. Once that starts, where does it end? Someone will always argue for more restrictions, if it could save one child’s life.

  2. Alan John says:

    on the day of the sandy hook massacre a similar even happened in china except this guy didn’t have a gun so he attacked the school children with a knife, he did some horrible damage to the children but NONE died, can we say the same if there was a gun involved ??

  3. The problem with your post is the work “logical.” The attachment to guns is emotional, an overriding fear of imaginary evils such as nameless criminals, government crackdowns, social disintegration and anything the mind can conceive. That will cause an instant reaction that people will kill others or themselves with knives or hammers if they do not have guns and the problem must be elsewhere, in mental illness, video games, breakdown of the family, the rise of Satan and the coming of the end-times or whatever. Even though there is a direct correlation between number of gun deaths and number of guns, and deaths in general that has been shown many times they simply cannot believe that relationship applies to them because it is a balm for the overwhelming fear they carry with them every day.

    • Mary says:

      Fears can be dispelled by knowledge. Knowledge grows through specific efforts to demystify, explain and support what is of value in our society. Guns can represent fear,but the fun, the safety,the user, all need to be considered for the right balance and handling. We need to stop whatever keeps us at the mercy of the few radicals, but with freedoms within reason. Even basic anger training, peace-making in early school years, so many other subtleties could be addressed. Any improvement is worth the effort.

  4. It’s to bad we have to worry in society to begin with, When it comes to needing protection Unfortunatly, I have no doubt that it will not be in my life time or my childrens. Where we’ll not see and have to worry of violence in all forms, And that are to many in the world who should never been given the right to carry a weapon in the first place, Due to there level of matality… Lac there of !

  5. E.E. says:

    Very well put.

  6. Joe Turber says:

    This article is disturbing in that it misleads people. The fact is guns make America possible.

    Stop for a moment and consider our situation in America and how the world views us. We are targets. If we disarm, it will only be a generation or two before we are conquered. Then the libs like you folks will be sh1tting bricks.

    The reality is that guns will not go away, bans will do nothing. Ask someone with a gun if they will keep it or adhere to the ban like a good citizen. 50% will respond no thank you.

    Gun bans do not work and it is time everyone, including you, realize that fallacy.

  7. Mary says:

    Nice try…but saying something doesn’t work doesn’t make it so, unless you want to push treason. We need to address the extremes, the gaps, the warnings…no one who is reasonable will have any reasonable gun taken away. Stop the intimidation….stop the fear of a military takeover. This country will never allow too much extreme, and no group will ever be strong enough to overtake all of our American citizens. But fear, day to day fear, will weaken us, undermine happy lives and confuse our values as Americans. Gun control is not meant to take away all guns: only to make their existence tolerable, appropriate and fair. Please stop letting imaginations run rampant and letting good sense be scared into a corner of fear.

  8. Flyingguns says:

    I laugh at ppl who say that the tragedy at Sandy Hook was the worst mass shooting in US History when it clearly wasnt. Same for this story. A little kid that plays too much video games end up killing his family after sessions of violent games. Coincidence? I dont think so. He (the kid) was a little punk, there was no excuse for the crap that he did. If he was 18 I would given him the death penalty. He clearly knew what he was doing was wrong.

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