The NRA sinks to a new low


January 18, 2013 by Nash Riggins

America’s National Rifle Association has sunk despicably low in its fight to prevent the introduction of impending gun control legislature – and, if nothing else, it illustrates little more than the organisation’s inability to produce a realistic argument against gun control.

Indeed, the NRA has apparently chosen to appeal its case to the American people by releasing a video that accuses President Barack Obama of being a hypocrite – why? For having the Secret Service protect his daughters, whilst simultaneously opposing the group’s call for armed guards in schools.

“Are the president’s kids more important than yours? Then why is he sceptical about putting armed security in our schools when his kids are protected by armed guards at their school?” the video’s narrator asks. “Mr Obama demands that the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes but he’s just another elitist hypocrite when it comes to a fair share of security.”

If nothing else, the NRA’s move indicates a clear shift in the nation’s gun debate from one composed of credible, proactive arguments to one led by election-style, nonsensical gibberish.

No, the President’s kids are not fundamentally more important than any other children – but they are certainly more likely to be targeted with violence or an attempted kidnapping. In fact, the Secret Service – originally a tool used solely by the Treasury Department – only began to protect the Presidential family after the assassination of President William McKinley in 1901. Unless the NRA is suggesting they want President Obama or his family to share the same fate, it should be considered irrational to argue that they don’t need protecting.

Let’s explore why, shall we?

In November 2009, a 35-year-old woman called the Boston office of the Secret Service and told them she planned to “blow away” Michelle Obama while the family visited Hawaii on vacation. In April 2010, a man named Joseph McVey was arrested in Ashville, NC after impersonating a police officer at the city’s airport in order to access the President as he was leaving the airport with Air Force One. In November 2011, Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez fired 9 rounds at the windows of the first family’s living quarters in the White House with a Romanian Cugir semiautomatic rifle.

It’s not hypocritical of the nation’s President to have special protection, whilst the ‘Average Joe’ down the road is left to fend for himself – because unless Joe has fallen in with one insatiably bad crowd, chances are that he doesn’t receive two dozen death threats a day. Subsequently, President Obama’s proposed gun legislature – which will ban assault weapons, limit the number of rounds guns can carry and tighten regulations for background checks – will be the first step towards ensuring that Joe won’t have to live in fear of a death by smoking barrel.

The NRA knows this to be true, which is why they’ve now resorted to lashing out at the President’s children, rather than just admitting that a few less AR-15s in the hands of troubled youths is a good thing. There have been 926 gun-related deaths in America since the Sandy Hook massacre on 14 December – including 55 children. The US can no longer pretend that gun crime is not one of the most prevalent issues infecting its country. Pop culture is not the problem, and neither are the mentally ill. 300 million guns are the problem, and the NRA is apparently only able to combat this inherent truth by way of pathetically pointing the finger at Barack Obama’s two daughters. Best ignore them and carry on.


9 thoughts on “The NRA sinks to a new low

  1. Shaun V says:

    You mean the Ar-15s like the one that wasn’t even used at Sandy Hook? Yeah let’s ban everything that wasn’t used.

    • Jason Wright says:

      No, I think he means AR-15s like the one that was used to kill innocent people at the mass-shooting in Aurora.

      • rubenoff says:

        what is the operation’s policy creed for the N.R.A should we help them write it for our benifit’s ?

        National Rifleman’s Associations creed of operation policy
        Maintain the safety of the general public, as a high priority to encourage accident’s and death prevention for all user’s of guns or rifle’s

        Work with federal and state official’s to keep current of all accident’s and deaths related to the use of gun’s of all styles, with the goal of keeping gun’s out of the hands’ of criminal’s and people with unstable mental issue’s

        work with State and Federal officials’ to change or update gun safety regulations, for the maximum common sense safety rule for gun owner’s and the general public, Realizing that there be some general safety rule in the purchase, use and style of gun’s and rifle’s that are available to the general population, and that the armed force’s and police are the protector,s and some moderation is required to have a commonality in gun selection rule application across north America

        ask that all member’s and gun owner’ and gun sales outlet’s, perform background checks of the criminal record’s and mental health record’s of all potential gun buyer’s before any gun sale in completed

        Ensure that all gun buyer’s are supplied with a steel lockable gun safe with all gun purchase’s,

        Ensure that all gun buyer’s are provided with training for the people who are to use the gun’s
        ie. 24 hour’s of gun safety training or equivalent in gun training for hunter’s. Which is to cover the
        complete use, safety procedure’s and Mtce. of the gun, loading, shooting and unloading and safe storage of the gun and ammunition

        Report to the local state and Federal Police any buyer’s that show up as criminal’s or mental case’s in the background check’s

        ensure that there are no person to person sale’s taking place on the premise’s of the Gun store or on its properties.

        Report to local and state Police authorities, all purchase’s of guns and rifle’s from their store’s

    • Brett says:

      Ignorance is bliss hey Shaun – an AR15 was used to slaughter 20 children at Sandy Hook, as was reported in the official police report and by the medical examiner. But then, it’s all a big conspiracy isn’t it Shaun. I hope your tin foil hat protects YOU from an AR15’s deadly slug….

  2. Joe Turber says:

    I’m disturbed by these followup comments and this article. Lots of missing facts and a lack of thoughtful responses.

    The point of the ad was missed by the author. It was to make a point, why do Obama’s kids deserve to be protected with guns and I am disallowed to protect my children with guns (if a ban occurs).

    Think about it. .. even libs will eventually figure it out.

    • Ellen says:

      Umm. The whole point of the article is that the President’s kids deserve special protection because they’re more likely to be threatened with violence, whereas if less crazed teens have access to guns they won’t come into schools and kill your kids. Ie, you don’t need a gun to protect them. And even if your or my children were involved in a school shooting (god forbid), what good would us having guns do? It’d be over by the time we got there, and the damage would be done. You can’t protect your kids when you’re not around, so the best way to ensure they’re safe is to make society safer. Ie reduce the number of guns out there. Think about it…even you will eventually figure it out.

      • John says:

        No, the president exploited children to justify his announcement of executive orders. That’s no less or more manipulative than the NRA’s ad.

        Glass houses, stones.

      • Ethan Young says:

        The president didn’t exploit children to justify his executive orders, he exploited your emotional response to his actions. And no one is saying that was a classy thing to do (at least I didn’t get that from the person’s comment you’re supposedly answering) because it wasn’t and one of his advisors should have let him know that he would rightly get a lot of flack for that. But the point here I think isn’t that the NRA’s ad is manipulative because you’d have to be an idiot to be manipulated by that. The friggin point is that our president isn’t a hypocrite just because his kids are more protected than ours, because our kids shouldn’t need special protection. That is, if their community was a little safer. And that starts with keeping guns out of the hands of crazies. BUT since we don’t know what sane people today are gonna be a crazy person tomorrow, we need to minimize the number of guns in our towns full stop. The NRA ad is just a funny anecdote to show the fact that they can’t come up with any real arguments other than ‘but what about the 2nd amendment’ and ‘barack obama is a fascist.’ jesus, these people need to grow up.

  3. […] if the NRA wants to blame punk rock, Grand Theft Auto and Barack Obama’s children for the almost 1,000 gun-related deaths that have occurred since the Sandy Hook massacre, no one […]

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