Kansas State Officials Challenge President Obama’s Citizenship (Again)


September 14, 2012 by Nash Riggins

The state of Kansas reopened the case-file regarding the validity of President Barack Obama’s US citizenship this week, state officials announced.

A state-appointed body of representatives met yesterday in order to decide whether or not the US President – who has nearly concluded his first 4-year term in the White House – should even be allowed onto the state’s ballot in November. Pending the arrival of documents from the Obama Campaign, the ruling has been delayed until Monday.

The hearing, which is being overseen by the Kansas Objections Board, centres on a complaint filed by Manhattan resident Joe Montgomery – the Communications Coordinator for the College of Veterinary Medicine at Kansas State University. Mr Montgomery asserts that, because President Obama’s father held dual citizenship, the President – whose mother was born and raised in the state of Kansas – is ineligible to be labelled a natural born citizen of the United States.

Mr Montgomery elaborated:

“Barack Obama, according to multiple sources, was not born to a citizen father. His father was never even admitted to this country as a resident alien. Barack Obama Sr. retained his British and Kenyan citizenship and passed them onto his son, which Mr. Obama has publicly claimed on his Fight the Smears website. The Supreme Court specified that natural-born citizenship inherently excludes dual citizenship through a citation in U.S. v. Wong Kim Ark (which was citing U.S. v Rhodes, noting that one could only be a British subject or a natural-born citizen, and not hold both citizenships): All persons born in the allegiance of the King are natural-born subjects, and all persons born in the allegiance of the United States are natural-born citizens.”

The Supreme Court case to which Mr Montgomery cites – which helped to solidify the grounds for US citizenship – centred around a man named Wong Kim Ark, who was born in the United States to Chinese immigrants in 1871. Following a trip abroad, Wong Kim Ark was denied re-entry into his home country – due to the passing of xenophobic anti-Chinese legislature. Deciding that he would challenge the government’s refusal to recognise his US citizenship, Wong Kim Ark took his case all the way to the Supreme Court.

Unsurprisingly, the Court ruled in his favour, and asserted that ‘a child born in the United States, of alien parents not serving in a diplomatic capacity, acquires United States citizenship at birth via the Citizenship Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.’

Taking this into account, the disgruntled Mr Montgomery’s argument becomes that – because Barack Obama’s father boasted dual citizenship between the United Kingdom and Kenya – President Obama is genetically an inherent subject ‘of the King.’ To which King Mr Montgomery refers can only be that of the United Kingdom – as the Kenyan monarchy was dissolved in 1964. Yet not only does Mr Montgomery cite inaccurate language (the entirely ceremonial-based monarchy in Britain is not maintained by a ‘King’), but his assertion indicates his own utter lack of respect for American legislature.

Indeed, the claim being investigated by the Kansas Objections Board is that an uncontrollable and inherently genetic allegiance to a non-existent monarch inevitably trumps the sovereignty of the US Constitution on American soil. Subsequently, it should be duly noted that Mr Montgomery apparently does not believe that the founding body of legislature for his federal government should be the supreme ruling authority in its own dominion. The mere idea is not only insulting to the American people, but to logic in general.

This is not the first time in 2012 that the Kansas Objections Board has been forced to look into the issue of President Obama’s citizenship. The Board tossed out a similar claim in April on technical grounds, as Mr Obama had not yet formally been submitted as a candidate in the general election. Five months on, the all-Republican Board – led by Tea Party favourite and controversial immigration reformist Kris Kobach – is fully prepared to review the case and ‘finish the work’ which rendered Presidential dropout Donald Trump an international laughing stock.

President Obama has very little chance of earning the electoral votes of the Republican-dominated state of Kansas in November – having lost the state even to John McCain by a margin of 15% in the 2008 election. However, it should be pegged as a national embarrassment when an ‘average Joe’ is allowed to make a misinformed complaint that is legitimately entertained by a serious government investigation. Mr Obama’s birth certificate has been released, and any claim which asserts that the US Constitution is subservient to foreign law on its own soil is utterly and whole-heartedly un-American.


3 thoughts on “Kansas State Officials Challenge President Obama’s Citizenship (Again)

  1. Judy says:

    *gasp shock horror* Kansas is always doing retarded things like this. In the last few months they’ve made a law that discriminates Muslims, a law that discriminates the LGBT community and now they’re trying to say the President can’t be the President 4 years after the fact. Bravo, white trash of America.

  2. Lou Lange says:

    I think the state of Kansas has much more important things to worry about – like battling a drought, helping citizens who are out of work, hungry etc. But those in power chooses to waste taxpayer time and money by “graver digging” this non-issue.
    Nothing to see here – move along…

  3. Ron W. says:

    From the sane residents of Kansas, we are sorry, and you may now pity us,

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