Talk is Cheap: If You’re Having a War, Just do it Already

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April 4, 2012 by Nash Riggins

By now it shouldn’t surprise anyone to know that war is making its way onto Iran’s doorstep. What should surprise us, however, is the level of hipocrisy with which this war is being carried out.

From an outsider’s point of view, Iran has fallen deep into a menacing role as the world’s foremost hyper-fundamentalist Islamic regime, hell-bent on destroying any and every ‘non-beliver’ via nuclear warfare – does this paint an accurate picture? No doubt any hard-working Iranian citizen would be terrifylingly insulted by such an accusation; yet it seems that Iran’s leaders have whole-heartedly embraced their false-label as the trigger-happy ‘protector of Islam.’

Time and time again, Iranian officials have assured the international community that its nuclear intentions are strictly peaceful – yet these assurances are understandably difficult to believe given the outlandish and warmongering statements that were made last week by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader.

Describing Israel as a “cancerous tumour” in desperate need of removal, Mr Khamenei declared that, if provoked, the Iranian people would fight a war that would be “ten times deadlier for the Americans” than it would be for his people. These statements seem to be the ravings of a mad-man, yet what the media may or may not be making clear is that this outburst was actually in response to what appears to be an imminent attack by Israeli forces – but why did the United States receive the bulk of the provocation?

Israel’s Minister of Defence, Ehud Barak, has repeatedly asserted to the international community that our “window” of attack in order to prevent Iran from producing a weapon-of-mass-destruction is slipping away; and while Israel’s logically-induced paranoia may have appeared in the form of unsolicited war-mongering, at least the Israeli government has been honest and consistent in its policies toward Iran. On the other hand, America’s presence in this fray seems less than clear.

While US representatives in Jerusalem are openly denying that the gears of war have already begun to turn, the Free World’s top officials are far more skeptical. Off the record, one of America’s top diplomats reportedly confirmed that there is a strong likelihood that Israel will wage war within the next three months. In response, Iranian special forces are massing for the Strait of Hormuz, where independent Israeli organizations claim that “many thousands” of American troops are carrying out the largest amphibious military drill of the twenty-first century. For a war that America isn’t committed on fighting, that appears to send a fairly clear message of its future intentions.

This is an election year in the US, and Barack Obama is well-aware that he’s already walking on thin ice. Can anyone aptly predict the reprucussions that military action in Iran may have over Mr Obama’s reelection? The answer is complicated to say the least – yet based solely upon the President’s neutral and diplomatic statements, it appears evident that not even Mr Obama’s closest advisors have a clean-cut answer.

We can sit down and write a lengthy pros and cons list regarding the validity of America’s potential intervention in Iran – yet it all boils down to a few vital issues: oil prices, powerful lobbyists and America’s military-industrial complex. Oil prices are already fluctuating drastically due to Iran’s activity in the vital waterways of the Strait; however, prices will inevitably spike to an all time-high the moment that the first missle is launched. Alternatively, military action spells billions more in debt for a country that doesn’t produce the majority of its own military equiptment; that is to say, war has no financial gain for America as it once did in the 1940s.

Meanwhile, the wealthy Jewish lobbyists – as well as the Islamaphobics – in Washington are all grins whilst closely monitoring the American campaign trail. Every potential candidate in the Republican Primary – with the possible exception of Ron Paul – openly hungers for Iran’s absolute destruction. Even the liberal and uncontested Democratic incumbent, Barack Obama, is buckling under intense pressure to stand firmly next to Israel against Iran’s Uranium-enrichment programme.

And where does this leave us? Absolutely nowhere. While the “Leader of the Free World” is organising photo ops and preaching soft power, he has apparently authorised the landing troops off of the coast of Iran by the boat-loads. Meanwhile, progressive Iranians yearning to further develop their country by establishing a thriving nuclear energy industry are being held back by the mad, violent ravings of their Supreme Leader. For fuck’s sake, with a man like that as Iran’s moral compass, it’s no wonder that the ignorant Western masses are one hundred percent sure that there’s a nuclear weapon in Iran with their country’s name on it.

On the other hand, look at Israel: half of the world thinks the Jewish state is completely insane – however at least they have the common decency to willingly expose their true intentions before carrying them out. Yet if the bombs begin to drop, just how many will be bound for Jerusalem? More than likely, this war will be fought primarily by the two countries in the altercation who are sending enfuriatingly mixed messages regarding whether or not there’s even going to be a war.

The only solace anyone can give is that this series of military activities may result in absolutely nothing. Perhaps Israel will ‘miss its window’ to attack, and then Iran will open its doors to the international community so that we can all observe its harmless nuclear energy program. Wouldn’t that be nice? Speculation aside, however, the real world should render at least one certainty from this gathering storm: heads of state should have the courage and common decency to own up to their diplomatic intentions, and then follow through with them – least of all so their people are aware of who they are about to bomb into oblivion.


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